Another Fresh Batch

A Fresh Batch

How do you create Really Great KETTLE CORN? To make our great tasting Jamie’s Cracked Corn you start with the very best of ingredients, mushroom popcorn, for larger popped kernels and less husks, organic sugar, sea salt and Canadian canola oil. Blend these superior products with knowledge and experience, and you will have a sweet and salty delight for your taste buds. You will know we are at an event by the irresistible aroma of our cracked corn drifting through the air.

It’s Authentic
We use the same technique and ingredients that they originally did 200 years ago.

It’s Healthy
We only use the best and most naturally healthy ingredients available.

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    May 12-23, 2016
    Ottawa Tulip Festival

    May 27-29, 2016
    Brampton Rib n Roll

    May 27-29, 2016
    Carrasauga - Canada Pavillion

    May 28-29, 2016
    Toronto Waterfront Market

    Jun. 4, 2016
    Downtown Milton Street Festival

    Jun. 18-19, 2016
    Toronto Waterfront Market


    Mississauga Farmers Mrkt-Celebration Sq.
    Wednesdays, June to October

    Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market
    Thursdays, June to October

    Southfields Farmers market
    Thursdays, June to October

    Brampton Farmers Market
    Saturdays, June to October

    Weston Farmers Market
    Saturdays, May to October

    Mississauga Farmers Market - Shipp Dr.
    Thursdays, June to October